Current Functions

Digital Media Consultant

Helping brands and businesses to leverage power of Digital Media. Result oriented strategy, approach and execution

Project Consultancy

Research, Evaluation, Execution and phase wise improvement of Online Ventures for achieving short term and long term goals

Web Application Development

Open Source development, WordPress, Magento, SugarCRM, WHMCS - deployment and implementation

Training and Workshops

Social Media, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Influence marketing workshops and training for corporate

Latest Posts


"Mr. Yogesh is a accomplished technocrat and he has a very good team to support the same. Services are great and there has been no room for upsettness. His Company - Trafficpullz has given us an excellent service and support, The uptime has been one of the best in industry and I could say it is almost a perfect 100% for last 6 years. "

Dr. C. J. Roy (Chairman and Managing Director, Confident Group)

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